Winter News

Last Sunday we were blessed by a message on hope from Brian Boitmann. You can hear the sermon online now HERE.
Please join us this coming Sunday as Brandon Gregory speaks on joy. This Sunday will be our last Sunday Gathering of the year at Imagine Art, so we would absolutely love to see each and everyone of you there!

This Sunday our older kid's class will be holding a birthday party for Jesus. There will be cake and goodies, so let the kiddos know they'll be celebrating together Sunday morning!

We will not be holding a regular Sunday Gathering at Imagine Art on Dec 27th, instead the Ever's family will be opening their home once again for a church pot-luck. If you plan on attending, please sign-up HERE.

This past Sunday Drew Schutz spoke to us about our neighbors close to our church whose home burned a few Sundays ago. The owner's son, who is a paraplegic, died in the fire and the owner is being treated in SA for critical burns and was fighting for her own life. We as a church have been praying for their family.

Drew shared with us a pretty amazing update from one of the family members yesterday:
From JT's sister - "Mom is rocking along like the rockstar she is... Her Kidneys, GI and heart are fully functioning! Her lungs are almost completely pink now, they look gorgeous! She breathed on her own today for 7 consecutive hours!! She is back on respirator for evening but it's a much milder one than original. Her room feels supernatural and heavy with peace and strength, a couple of nurses told me they have seen lights in her room at night. There's a huge buzz about Mom's progress throughout the unit. Other surgeons and nurses, that aren't even assigned to her, are stopping in to see what all the fuss is about. She is getting so much attention and love, it's amazing!!"

Let's keep this family as well as the doctors and nurses in our prayers.

We still need volunteers to pick up flowers on Sunday mornings at the Whole Foods downtown on North Lamar.  Blackland normally picks up the flowers during the week, but we offered to help them on the weekends.  All that is required is a car to transport the flowers, willingness to wake up early on a Sunday, and ability to drop them off at church or a local rehab hospital.  Please contact Meg Garner if you or your restore group is interested in volunteering oneSunday per month.