Who ::

The Church at East is a community of believers in Austin, Texas who are learning to live out the Kingdom of God through the fabric of relationships, restoration and gathering.

How :: 

Belong :: The idea of belonging is the driving normative in the realm of God's kingdom, and thus kingdom people.  If we are a people committed to belonging we have to be willing to embrace those who have been or feel estranged from us and we have to be willing to humbly submit ourselves to the people and spaces we have been invited into.  To belong is to be created, shaped, and sustained by those we belong to and belong to us.  Belonging is about making space for each other inside of ourselves and being present with the people and places we belong to. Click to learn more

Learn :: We are first and foremost learners of God.  We are also learners of our environment, culture, and history.  We are learners of life.  We are learners of each other.  As learners we need to approach our neighborhoods, culture, and city as humble listeners ready to learn from the people and places around us.  Click to learn more.

Restore :: Restoration is not a project we do, but a life we live. Through restoration we are committed to engaging the world around us for the true, the good, and the beautiful. To restore is to create beauty in the midst of chaos, the be agents of life, health, peace and love. While restoration expresses itself in different way, restoration is a life we are committed to locally and globally. Click to learn more.

Why are we called The Church At East?
Our church was originally the east Austin campus of Austin New Church. In 2014 we branched off and went autonomous as The Church At East. Our name came from being the church at the Renew East building which is now simply called Imagine Art.