Scripture is clear that the elders of the local church are entrusted with protecting, leading, equipping, serving, and caring for that specific local church. We have committed to the concept of team leadership - or an elder-lead church. The church is supposed to look like Jesus, and we believe this protects the church from ever looking like a single lead individual. We also believe that, in practice, it honors the belief of the work of the Holy Spirit in all God's people as opposed to a special anointing or calling of one individual. Our elders work together to steward the church body in all areas. Even the weekly teaching at our Sunday gathering is a shared responsibility between two and sometimes three of our elders. All of our elders are readily accessible to the church body for guidance, counseling, and prayer. Below are short bios of our elder team listed in alphabetical order:

Brian Boitmann :: Brian serves the Church at East as an elder and as a Restore Group Leader for Water and Wine. He and his wife Iesha live in Central Austin and love gathering friends around for meals and generosity dinners.  Brian is the Sales Director at Umbel. He also founded and works with Acts of Sharing in partnership with Common Change.  Iesha manages all operations for Makarios, a non-profit ministry dedicated to serving and empowering the children of the Dominican Republic through education. Brian and Iesha have a beautiful baby girl named Lucia.

Austin Evers :: Austin serves the Church at East as our primary teaching pastor and an elder.  The Evers family is passionate about creating community with their co-workers and neighbors, showing the beauty of the kingdom through dinners and loud laughing.  Austin also works as a carpenter and furniture maker. He recently founded Woodwork@17th in East Austin where he lives with his lovely wife Lilibeth and their sons Asher & Tovan. Lilibeth is the Rehab/Specialty Program Director at Southwood Care Center. 

Todd Meador :: Todd serves the Church at East as the Pastor of Worship Arts and Communication as well as an elder. He and his wife Hollie have two boys named Micah and Anothen (pronounced "Ann-o-thin" which is greek for "from above", in case you were wondering). Todd has spent many years in the Austin music & event community and is also a partner at EastSide Magazine. Hollie is a graduate of the University of Texas and is a Yoga Instructor as well as a freelance graphic designer.  She has a heart for mission work and is on the board of directors at a non-profit called Globetrotting For Good

Holly Phillips :: Holly serves the Church at East as the Children's Ministry Coordinator and an elder. She loves hosting the Women's Book Club and helping others find a place to serve and belong. Holly works part-time as the operations coordinator for a small creative studio, and her husband Brian works in music production. Together they home-school their two children, Whitman & Gillian. They are committed to living simply and purposefully.