Summer News

As all of you have now seen or heard, the Hansen family will be leaving us soon for much cooler weather up north, and it's not part of their travels this's much more. If you haven't read Matthew's email sent earlier or if you're seeing this one first, please have a look at that one and then return to this one. :)

Due to their announcement we've decided to make a few changes/additions for this Sunday's service. To allow everyone to say good-bye to the Hansen family we've decided to have a church breakfast Sunday morning before our service. We will be holding a service that will be worship and prayer driven afterwards. 
You are all welcome to come early, but we will be planning on starting the breakfast at 9:45am, then the service will be from 11am-Noon. 
If you would like to sign-up to bring a breakfast item please do so HERE

The Hansen's will also be at Strangeland Tap Room (5904 Bee Cave Rd, 78746) on Friday, August 21, 6:00 pm for a goodbye happy hour. So if you can't make it Sunday morning or would like to say good-bye twice like most of us, then head on over there this Friday as well. 


This past Sunday Austin finalized his 3 part sermon on Marriage/Lust/Divorce in our Sermon on the Mount series. The sermon is now live on the church website if you would like to have a listen: SERMONS 


On Sunday August 30th we will be back at Blackland serving together from 9am-Noon. If you will be joining us, please sign-up HERE 
We will have more information on what we'll be doing together next week. Expect to do lawn work again as that will always be a part of what we do.