Our worship leader, Todd Meador, wrote and produced his album 'Dwell In Us' for our church. The songs on this album were written and finalized while singing them together on Sunday mornings, then produced by and with the musicians who played them with us. 
These songs are our gift to you. Please download, listen, share with those you love, then come to our church and sing them with us.
We would love to meet you.
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Below are a few of the songs that we sing together at East and more will be posted soon.
If you would like to be a part of our worship team, please send us some information [HERE]

We would also love to know if there are any songs you would like for us to sing together. If so, please let us know [HERE]


Vocals: Todd Meador, Mandy Clare & Brian Douglas Phillips
Acoustic Guitar: Todd Meador
Electric Guitar: Brian Douglas Phillips
Pedal Steel: Brian Douglas Phillips
Violin: Jenna O'Conner
Upright Bass: Eric Ross
Rhodes: Sarah Hansen
Bass: Jeremy Miller
Drums: Rob Davidson

Come To The River | ©2014 Housfires
Written by Housefires

Love Shines | ©2011 Austin Stone Songs
Written by Aaron Ivey, Philip Edsel & Matt Carter
Austin Stone Worship

The Stand | ©2005 Hillsong Music Publishing
Written by Joel Houston
Hillsong United

Forever Reign | ©2009 Hillsong Music Publishing
Written by Jason Ingram & Reuben Morgan
Hillsong Worship

The Lord's Prayer (Thy Will) | ©2015 Reflect The Light Music/Public Domain
Arrangement by Todd Meador

God Undefeatable | ©2011 Austin Stone Songs
Written by Aaron Ivey, Ross King & Matt Carter
Austin Stone Worship

King of Glory (You Restore My Soul) | ©2014 Integrity's Alleluia! Music
Written by David Leonard, Leslie Jordan, Stuart Garrard
All Sons & Daughters

Holy Spirit | ©2011 Jesus Culture
Written by Brian & Katie Torwalt