Senior Leadership Team and Board of Advisors

Senior Leadership Team // The purpose of the Senior Leadership Team is to teach and preach the Christian Scriptures, shepherd the souls of the members of The Church at East .

  • Primary Role: The primary role of the Senior Leadership Team is preaching and teaching of the Christian Scriptures, making disciples, prayer, vision casting, and leading the church in the creation of effective ministries
  • Secondary Role: 
    • Lead, supervise, pastor, and submit to the board of advisors
    • Lead, supervise and develop the deacons and other volunteer or paid staff
    • Lead, cast vision, inspire, and train the board of directors
    • Lead the Church Presbytery
    • Advocate all TRC strategic ministry plans and policies to the Board of Directors, Board of Advisors, Deacons, and The Church at East members. 

Board of Advisors // The purpose of the Board of Advisors is to provide a spiritual covering by prayerfully giving necessary aid, comfort, instruction, guidance, protection and correction as well as counsel, wisdom and fellowship to the Senior Leadership Team.  As well as commit to be pastored by the Senior Leadership team as well as sharing in the pastoral responsibilities of the Church at East (II Timothy 3:16, 17; Acts 15).

Elder Team: The Senior Leadership Team and the Board of Advisors together make up the Presbytery and/or Elder Team that governs and overseas the spiritual development of the congregation of the Church at East.  The Presbytery is to be made up of the Senior Leadership Team, Board of Advisors, and a particular chosen number of Deacons (volunteer or paid).