Restoration is not a project we do, but a life we live.  Through restoration we are committed to engaging the world around us for the true, the good, and the beautiful.  To restore is to create beauty in the midst of chaos, to be agents of life, health, peace, and love.  While restoration expresses itself in different ways, restoration is a life we are committed to locally and globally.  

Restore Groups // EAST Restore Groups are made up of neighbors and family living in rhythm together. Each Restore Group is committed to the ideas of restoration on three levels:  (1) They will serve together in their community  (2) work and partner together in ways that best bring restoration to the different geographic locations, issues, or populations that they live and work around, and  (3) lead a guided reading and prayer service together at one of our Sunday gatherings. Restoration is part of the Restore Group rhythm. Find a Restore Group

Neighbors // Restoration is not something relegated simply to Restore Groups or Serve Sundays, but is part of the fabric of our individual lives as well. Where ever we go we are to live with eyes wide open, open to the needs around us; and hearts ready to be the answers to the prayers we pray.

Local and Global Outreach // Within our church family, our people serve and support many local and global missionary projects including but not limited to Allies Against Slavery, Help One Now, Goodwill Globetrotting, Soul Thirst Africa and Well Aware. If you would like more information on how you can be involved, please email us -