We are first and foremost learners of God.  We are also learners of our environment, culture, and history. We are learners of life. We are learners of each other. As learners we need to approach our neighborhoods, culture, and city as humble listeners ready to learn from the people and places around us. The idea of learning takes on many different forms: 

Sunday Gathering // The first three Sundays of each month (first four if the month has five Sundays), we gather at 10:30am at Imagine Art to learn and study scripture, engage in liturgy and worship, and share in fellowship with the larger EAST family. View our schedule to know when we will be meeting. To learn more, click here

Restore Groups // Restore Groups are clusters of friends throughout the city in which family, learning, and serving unfold as a way of life focusing on the individual, collective, and social renewal of Austin.  We believe people typically find God when they encounter his people. The Restore Group is the context we’d love to bring those who need the love and care of God’s people. 

Neighbors // We believe each of us should approach our neighborhoods as listeners and learners and be careful with the abstract words we speak.  The gospel cannot be communicated fully if it is not the embodiment of love and care. If we are to be a people who are for the neighborhoods we live in, then we need to be a people who live deeply in those very neighborhoods.  To live deeply starts with a posture of listening and learning from our neighbors.