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Each day offers guidance for an opening affirmation, a petition of prayer, and daily scripture selections. The "Readings for Reflection" reach back to early Christian classics and include voices from recently published works. Excerpts from writers such as Frederick Buechner, Joyce Rupp, Henri Nouwen, Mother Teresa, Howard Thurman, C.S. Lewis, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, John Wesley, and many others are arranged in weekly themes.


by Oswald Chambers
// P U R C H A S E  L I N K //

Where can readers turn to deepen their love and understanding of God? In the bestselling devotional My Utmost for His Highest, author Oswald Chambers offers inspiring thoughts that have encouraged millions of readers for many years. This updated value edition provides thought-provoking meditations to cultivate a closer walk with God. Readers can gain a fresh perspective on how to grow in faith as they discover more about God and their relationship to Him.

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by Charles Spurgeon
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Charles H. Spurgeon’s uplifting messages for each day of the year will comfort and refresh you in your walk with God. As you reflect upon God’s Word and His principles, you will find peace about the day you are about to face or the day that has just passed. Spurgeon’s rich biblical insights, extraordinary eloquence, and clarity of logic are interwoven throughout the daily selections to enhance your fellowship with God

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// P U R C H A S E  L I N K //

The Church at East pastors and speakers lead from the ESV version of the Holy Bible. If you do not own one, we have some available to you for free on our greeter table. Please feel free to pick one up anytime.


// D O W N L O A D  L I N K //

The You Version Bible App offers a free Bible experience for smartphones, tablets, and online at Bible.com

// A C C O M P A N I M E N T //

Recently I've been in conversations and have answered questions about my morning, day or evening devotional. The time I spend in prayer, reflection and reading is a special one as I'm sure it is for many of you all as well. The stillness of quiet reflection is always a preference of mine but there are times when I love and need the sound of beautiful ambiance to accompany my time of devotion. There are moments where I need to drown out the noise of the world around me or the noise of my own thoughts to help me focus. These three devotional playlists are a few of the one hour long playlists that I have been using lately and I thought they might be helpful to you all as well. Whether in complete silence or accompanied by music, I pray that you all make time with our Heavenly Father an essential part of your day.  - Todd

(If you are not on Spotify and would like the songs in a different format, please let me know and I'll make that happen >> todd@churchateast.com)

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The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey Back to Self-Discovery

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Galatians: A Messianic Jewish Perspective

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