The idea of belonging is the driving normative in the realm of God's kingdom, and thus kingdom people.  If we are a people committed to belonging we have to be willing to embrace those who have been or feel estranged from us and we have to be willing to humbly submit ourselves to the people and spaces we have been invited into.  To belong is to be created, shaped, and sustained by those we belong to and belong to us.  Belonging is about making space for each other inside of ourselves and being present with the people and places we belong to. 

Neighbors // We belong to our city and neighborhoods as neighbors.  Throughout the scriptures the idea of neighbors has more to do with commitment than proximity.  No matter one's race, orientation, gender, or social status, we are neighbors to each other and are committed to humanity for the good of each other. 

Family // We belong to each other as Family.  There are many metaphors used throughout scripture to define the community of God, but one that seems to be threaded throughout every description of God's people is family:  We are God's children.  We are heirs of God and heirs with Jesus.  We are Jesus' brothers and sisters. We are the bride of Christ.  We are the brothers and sisters to each other.  We are adopted by God.  These are all elements of family.  As family we are committed to each other through love, in fact, scripture says that the sole way that people will know that are truly a kingdom people in our love for one another.